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Refund Policy

6 Charges if You postpone or cancel the removal

6.1 – If You postpone or cancel this Agreement, We reserve the right to charge you a reasonable postponement or cancellation fee according to how much notice is given as set out below at 6.1.1 – 6.1.4. “Working days” refer to the normal working week of Monday to Friday and excludes weekends and Public Holidays.

6.1.1 – More than 5 working days before the removal was due to start: No charge.

6.1.2 – Between 2 and 5 working days inclusive before the removal was due to start: not more than 50% of the removal charge.

6.1.3 – Within 48 hours of the move taking place; 100% of the removal charge.

6.2 – Cancellation/Postponement Waiver

If offered and paid for in advance of the commencement of the services, we agree to waive the charges in Clauses 6.1.1, 6.1.2 & 6.1.3. Our agreement to waive the charges is conditional upon Us receiving written notice of Your intention to Cancel/Postpone no later than 17:00 hours on the preceding Working Day before Services commence. The Cancellation/Postponement charge will entitle You to only one Cancellation/Postponement.

 For more cancellation information, please contact us